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TOP STORY – MARCH 5, 2019 Prime Minister Trudeau loses three top Liberal MPs Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott and Celina Caesar-Chavannes as the truth about political interference in the SNC-Lavalin affair continues to be revealed.

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TOP STORY – January 23, 2019.  Liberal MLA Linda Reid is investigated for more financial irregularities, allegedly for hiding a $287,000 payout, and claiming expenses which were not incurred. Reid has “no comment” as the RCMP do their job.  Quotable quote for 2019 by Reid – I was born in the year of the pig.  I even had a pig for a pet. I love pigs. 

TOP STORYMarch 15, 2017.  Liberal MLA John Yap investigated for illegal campaign contributions by Elections BC, which  has collected evidence now handed over to the RCMP. The maximum penalty is one year in prison and a $10,000 fine.  In the picture, note Byng Giraud of the Mt. Polly mine disaster fame.  Thanks to the Richmond News for the photo and article.

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Other stories

2019 March 5     Fed up of high taxes in 2019, and out of control city spending?  YOU can send your comment to city hall. See here for the news article and links.

2019 January 3   Richmond is the 4th worst city in Canada for poor financial planning with an “obscene” $3.9 BILLION dollars in cash reserves from over-taxation. See here for the news article.

2018 December 18  Councillor asks for transparent voting record. Who is against transparency?   Mayor Brodie — wonder why?  See here for the news article.

2018 November 23   Mayor Brodie doesn’t get Metro Vancouver Chair position. Wonder why? Maybe he has forgotten what democracy means and has trouble listening to others ? See here for the news article.

Stories that keep getting repeated……..

2016 08 09 City Hall wages top $120 million

2015 06 22 High-salary club grows at Richmond City Hall

2016 06 15 Expose our expenses, says Richmond city councillor

2016 01 15 Both young and old feeling the pinch in Richmond’s inflated market

2015 02 11 Richmond managers earn too much

2015 02 11 City’s high earners top B.C.

2014 12 04 Tax cut bid beaten down

2014 06 25 Salaries reach new heights at city hall

2014 03 26  Richmond’s staff salaries take a hike

2013 02 01 London firefighters’ union livid over deputy chief position, at $130,000 annually

2002 09 19 Payouts to city staff exceeded $1 million in 2001, Conferences account for bulk of senior staff spending

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