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Thank-you to our friends at Richmond Farmwatch, the Dogwood Initiative, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and other community focused groups for their support.

As a taxpayer, do you feel “enough is enough” ?

This web site is hosted by an alliance of concerned taxpayers in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

We live in an island city of 215,000 residents, surrounded by the historic Fraser River, next to the City of Vancouver.   We are united by the goal of government transparency and accountability.

We are all volunteers, and represent a cross-section of the community at large with diverse financial, ethnic, age and expertise backgrounds. We are your neighbours and friends.

Our taxpayers alliance is not associated with any political party or philosophy, working only for the betterment of society as a whole.


NOTICE TO READER: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of content on this web site, as well as to reference the many sources of information wherever possible.  Should the reader find any content which does not meet these criterion, or has additional information that may be of interest to taxpayers in Richmond, we ask to be notified through the “Contact Us” page of this site. 

The more members that we have, the more that YOUR voice will be heard.  If you are a concerned taxpayer, please join us through the “Contact Us” page, and start receiving our information news letters.  

We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.