Mayor Malcolm Brodie.


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Most supported candidate: DON FLINTOFF, P. ENGINEER


Negative comments:

  1. Perception of being “bought off” by developers.
  2. 35% of donors in 2014 were developers.
  3. 29% of donors were corporate.
  4. 84% of total 2014  Mayor campaign spent by Brodie.
  5. Initially approved ALR mega-houses.
  6. Excessive campaign spending seen as corruption of democracy.
  7. Condescending and rude to junior Councillors.
  8. May be subject to Conflict of Interest regulation.
  9. Card carrying member of the corrupt Liberals.
  10. In power since 2001. Entrenched status quo.
  11. No energy. Retirement long overdue.

Positive comments:

  1. Lobbied against bridge over the Fraser River.

Pictures worth a thousand words. 

Brodie endorsing MLA Teresa Wat who does not live in Richmond and allegedly has ties to Communist China military personnel in Canada. Click here for additional information.

Brodie - elitist endorsements

Brodie with Faye Leung, a  Chinese-Canadian woman who brokered a “business deal” that caused the resignation of former Premier Vander Zalm.  For more information, click here.

Brodie pic5

Brodie receives $1,250 campaign donation from convicted fraudster Peter Oie, but refuses to give it back, or give it to charity. Ethically challenged ? You decide. Click here.  Picture courtesy of Richmond News.

Fruadster Oei




We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.