In October 2015, the City of Richmond made a major  digital strategy commitment to support Council’s 2014-2018 Term Goal #9  of a Well-Informed Citizenry.

In comparison, the District of West Vancouver is committed to governing under fiscal best practices, to the highest ethical standards, with a commitment to transparency, and with the goal of including as many citizens as possible in Council meetings, community consultations and the democratic process.

On its Financial Information/Budget page, one sees that it holds Open Houses to explain the financial budgets. Richmond should do the same, or are we to be treated differently?

Transparency needs to apply to all of the City’s actions, including staff and Councillors’ expenses and the elimination of closed-door decisions.

Its time for Richmond to take a more open approach as the Internet is not the only way to  interact with its citizenry.


We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.