Poverty in Richmond

Did you know that B.C. is the ONLY province in Canada with no poverty reduction strategy?


B.C has the worst poverty rate in Canada. 


Vancouver has the second worst poverty in Canada.


With all the wealth around us, how can there possibly be any poverty ?  With Richmond City Hall raking in billions over the years and spending millions on such frivolous matters as “public art”, poverty seems impossible.

However, the fact is, there are hundreds of poor, including many children who show up hungry at school, as well as others who show up at the food bank, or have to accept free meals donated by charities.

One in four Richmond children live in poverty. That is unacceptable. 

It is time that city politicians and bureaucrats placed the eradication of hunger and provision of shelter at the top of their list of priorities. 

You can help. For more information, or providing political advocacy, and general support, please contact any of these web sites:

Richmond Children First

Richmond Poverty Response Committee

Richmond Family Place

Chimo Community Services

Salvation Army

B.C. Poverty Reduction


We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.