Property Tax Links

Property Taxes

BC Assessment determines the price of your home, which determines your property taxes.  Here are the links you will need to  protest their valuation of your home. See the Key Dates to learn when the deadlines are for challenging your property assessments (taxes).

Utility Fees

Utility fees are now separate from property taxes, but these costs are rising above the rate of inflation as well.

Utilities Fees (Water supply and treatment/Sewer collection and treatment/Grease management/Solid waste and recycling collection/Environmental protection/Flood protection (drainage and dikes)


To lower our property taxes, we must reduce City expenditures. To do this we must challenge the planned expenditures by the City.


MetroVancouver (GVRD) water/sewer & recycling cost data.

Provincial Government

Tax Rates

Municipal tax rate bylaws are required to be adopted before May 15 of each year. Tax rate files and tax burden files are available in July of that same year.


We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.