Report Card

Samara’s Democracy 360, a report card on the state of Canada’s democracy, focuses on the complex relationship between citizens and political leadership. With the understanding that democracy is ballot-1294935__180about more than just casting a ballot every so many years, any conversation about how decisions are taken on the future of our country needs to consider a more robust definition of “everyday democracy”.

As citizens, we need to become more involved in our local government.

More cities are having the taxpayer groups issue a municipal report card on the performance of their elected representatives (Politicians). The report card will track the politicians performance, promises and protection of the public interest.

RTA is preparing a report card for the Richmond Council based on a scoring system used in other municipalities and adapted for use in Richmond. This Richmond Report Card will be published on our website and made available to others.


We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.