The writ for the provincial election will be dropped April 11, 2017.

The PROVINCIAL politicians representing Richmond are as follows, with their rating, and comments, provided by taxpayers in the community either directly to the Alliance, or as reported in the media.

Other community members may choose to accept, or disregard, the reported ratings and comments at their pleasure.

Reid-Linda-2  MLA Linda Reid – Richmond East

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wat picture_Fotor  MLA Teresa Wat – Richmond Centre

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yap-john  MLA John Yap – Richmond-Steveston

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Reid, Wat and Yap are members of the current government. Some taxpayers consider the following Provincial Liberal government claims to be misrepresentations:

  1. Low taxes – B.C. may have a lower personal income tax rate, however taxpayers are buried under a mountain of hidden taxation in monopolies such as ICBC, Liquor Stores, and BC Hydro, which transfer billions to general revenue. Other tax gouging unique to B.C. is the “home transfer tax” and “foreign buyers tax”.
  2. Balanced Budget – The budget is balanced ONLY when personal and industry tax revenue, generated by sound economic policy, matches government expenditure.  The budget is not balanced by taking $67 BILLION from BC Hydro, which had to borrow the money, or selling off crown land, or by a “Home Transfer” tax grab, the only one of its kind in Canada, and now Victorias highest revenue earner.
  3. LNG Heritage Fund and Revenue – A figment of the governments imagination. Not one project is underway since the last election, and the biggest potential purchaser Hawaii has cancelled its purchase due to excessive environmental damage in B.C.
  4. Prudent Spending.  Questionable as the government moves to industrialize the Fraser River with projects that are environmentally ILLEGAL in the United States by building a $3.5 BILLION bridge to no where, with no business plan, opposed by the Mayors of every major city in the lower mainland.
  5. Honest Representation. Who does your provincial Liberal government really represent when B.C. is the ONLY province in Canada that allows UNLIMITED FOREIGN campaign contributions which are ILLEGAL everywhere else in North America ?

HOW BAD IS THIS ETHICAL and MORAL CORRUPTION? Its       even been reported in the New York Times !  Shame ! !  

clark-picRTA NYT news article




We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.