The MUNICIPAL politicians representing Richmond are as follows, with their rating, and comments provided by taxpayers in the community either directly to the Alliance, or as reported in the media. Politicians are encouraged to provide their own comment. None have done so.

Readers may choose to accept, or disregard, the reported ratings and comments at their pleasure.

Mayor_Malcom_BrodieMayor22148  Mayor Malcom Brodie

FACTOID: As reported by B.C. elections watchdog, Dermod Travis, Richmond’s Malcolm Brodie’s re-election in 2014 showed total expenditures of $451,294.69 to beat challenger Richard Lee who spent $89,946.54. That means Brodie spent 83% of ALL money by ALL candidates for re-election as Mayor. Reported by the Richmond News Sept 13, 2018, 80% of all campaign donors to Brodie were special interest, and not individuals. Is the source and level of expenditure a “corruption” of democracy ? With no viable opposing candidate in 2018, has anything changed ? You decide.

Congratulations to the following Councillors in the 2018 civic election:


Councillor Carol Day – Congratulations for earning more votes than any other candidate in Richmond history by stopping ALR mega-mansions, and working tirelessly for all citizens.


Councillor Harold Steves – Congratulations for stopping the destruction of ALR farmland as the major election issue and working tirelessly for all citizens.


Councillor Kelly Greene – Congratulations as a community activist for stopping the destruction of ALR farmland, supporting hospital improvement, teachers, and accountability in government.


Councillor Chak Au – Congratulations  for joining the fight against farmland and community destruction by developers.


Councillor Linda McPhail – Congratulations for getting elected DESPITE voting for the destruction of Richmond communities and farmland by developers, and being a developer herself as a conflict of interest.


Councillor Michael Wolfe – Congratulations for getting elected by opposing ALR farmland mega-mansions, advocating environmental responsibility and govt transparency.


Councillor Alexa Loo – Congratulations for getting elected DESPITE supporting special interest campaign donors, as well as the reckless destruction of farmland and community by developers.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – Running for Prime Minister as  Mr. Dressup ? 

BillMcNulty40236           Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 3.36.32 PM         Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 3.30.16 PM

Councillor Bill McNulty – Congratulations for getting elected  DESPITE fighting against full expense account disclosure, fighting against a Code of Conduct (Ethics) for Councillors, supporting high taxes, supporting unlimited campaign donations, and voting for mega-mansion destruction of farmland with 54% of his campaign  money coming from developers.

We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.