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Negative comments:

  1. Not Community Coalition, but Developer Coalition
  2. Perception of being “bought off” by developers.
  3. Is a multi-millionaire developer
  4. 45% of donors are developers.
  5. Voted for  ALR mega-houses.
  6. May be subject to Conflict of Interest regulation.
  7. Huge campaign spending seen as corruption of democracy.
  8. Cannot be trusted to vote for good of community.
  9. Perception of only being out for himself.

Positive Comments:

  1. Supported opposition to a Massey crossing bridge.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

More donor shenanigans ? Getting thanks from the mega-mansion builders who apparently continue to stuff the bank accounts of “Richmond First” Ken Johnston and cohorts with a BBQ.  As tweeted, …. most CORRUPT city in Canada ? See here for the details.

Mcnulty donors

We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.