Richmond Spending

Cost-saving measures are few and far between at local governments’ annual party on the taxpayer dime.

At a time when many B.C. taxpayers are struggling under the weight of their heavy tax burden, growing personal debt and an incredibly high cost of living, our elected local officials are there to remind us all of how hopelessly out of touch they are.

In 2018, Mayor Brodie, as well as Councillors McNulty, Loo,  McPhail and Steves are prepared to pass a budget with a staggering 6%+ tax increase !   Disgusted ?  As a taxpayer, you should be. 



Canadian Taxpayers Federation Jordon Bateman with Richmond Taxpayer Alliance supporters.



With crushing personal debt, these members of Richmond City Council keep adding a 1% surcharge to property taxes in order to build a “reserve”.  Reserve for what ?  That fund is now an astounding $1,000,000,000, thats right, ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN CASH for a city of 215,000 people, and there is no end in sight as Mayor Brodie leads the charge to gouge taxpayers into a “financial coma”.

Responsible government ? Sensitive to the financial plight of the taxpayer?  You decide.







We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.