About Us

Our focus is primarily on city government.

The provincial and federal governments are under media scrutiny, but cities such as Richmond attract no widespread media attention. Without that scrutiny, history has shown us that politicians and bureaucrats may not work in the publics best interest. When wasteful spending, inefficient bureaucracies, or self-serving politicians become evident, there needs to be accountability.

crushing taxes

The Richmond Taxpayers Alliance investigates bureaucratic and political decisions in Richmond to expose excessive taxation, bureaucratic inefficiency and wasteful spending.  That information can then be distributed to the public and media at large.

The Richmond Taxpayers Alliance is positioned as the “go to” source of information for concerned taxpayers and voters, especially when it comes to an election.  Few people have the time, or inclination, to analyze documents such as the 500 page city 5 year financial plan.  We do.  When politicians misrepresent information, we intend to hold them to account.

Independent of, but working with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation www.taxpayers.com , the Richmond Taxpayers Alliance was formed to ensure accountability in taxation and spending at the municipal level, with additional provincial and federal analysis as appropriate.

Like other taxpayer groups, the Alliance will rank politicians according to our view of their voting record. Some will be ranked well, and endorsed during an election. Others will not.

The City of Richmond web site is www.richmond.ca . You can learn more about the City of Richmond as well as things to do, attractions and entertainment here: http://www.hellobc.com/richmond/things-to-do/attractions-entertainment.aspx .

If you would like to form a similar taxpayers group in your city, we can assist. Please Contact Us .

We oppose excessive taxation, wasteful spending, and economically crippling property assessments.