This web site operates as an independent public forum such as Facebook, Twitter and others. According to public input as of todays date, the Richmond “Dream Team” for Mayor and Council is as follows.  This list can change up to election day based on citizen input.  See here for the profile that each candidate has provided to the City of Richmond.

Observation: The defining issue raised by citizens in this election appears to be opposition to developers in general, and ALR farmland mega-mansions.

NOTE:  Thank-you to our friends at Richmond Farmwatch who did a comprehensive survey of candidates in regard to ALR mansions.  Council candidates who voted for mega-mansions (McPhail, McNulty, Johnston, Dang, etc.) did not respond. Click here for survey results. Thank-you as well to our friends at the Dogwood Initiative for their support in demanding democracy. Click here.

Citizen indicated Dream Team Mayor:  

Don Flintoff  click here for candidate web site.

Citizen indicated Dream Team Council in order of support to date:                                                        

Harold Steves

Carol Day

Kelly Greene

Michael Wolfe

Adil Awan

Kerry Starchuk

Jack Tovato

Henry Yao


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